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Catching up with our newest Founder: Barak Kaufman of Intello

Catching up with our newest Founder: Barak Kaufman of Intello

February 26, 2019
Raanan Bar-Cohen

We want to introduce you to one of Resolute's newest founders, Barak Kaufman, who co-founded Intello with Shlomo Dalezman. Intello is the intelligent platform to manage the lifecycle of your software applications. We caught up with Barak, and here are a few interesting details about him...

1. Tell us about the dream you have for your company - what is it you want to accomplish?

We want to help every company master their SaaS operations, while empowering every employee to feel use technology that can help them.Also it would be nice to celebrate our IPO by ringing the bell!

2. What inspired this vision?

While working at a global SaaS investment firm, I saw the challenges companies and employees were having scaling in an era of SaaS proliferation. We couldn't believe companies were still relying on spreadsheets to solve their problem and decided to build a better solution.

3. What has been the greatest challenge as a founder so far?¨

Time management and prioritization. There are so many exciting challenges that I want to tackle on a daily basis and it's often hard to take a step back and realize I can't do everything today.

4. Tell us a bit about your recent fundraise process. What did you learn? What surprised you? What advice would you give other founders raising a seed round?

Fundraising is never fun as a founder when all you want to be doing is building your company. That's why it's important to run a formal process even at the seed stage. Be diligent about your schedule and block off the time needed to get the fundraise done in a short time frame.I was surprised by how few investors truly understood the time and resources that go into fundraising. It hurts the business to have the co-founders distracted and it seemed that very few investors were empathetic to that.

5. How did you decide on Resolute as your lead? Do you feel that there is there anything distinctive about Resolute? What has your experience been entering into the Resolute portfolio?

We were fortunate to get introduced to Mike by one of our angel investors and clicked immediately. Mike and Resolute understand the realities of seed-stage companies since the fund's focus is exclusively on seed investments.Caroline, Raanan, and Mike have already gone out of there way to find ways to be helpful. Everything from founder introductions, advisor connections, and press relationships.Also, the Alta Ski Trip was a blast! We met tons of founders that have successfully scaled their companies while tackling challenges we're currently facing.

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