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Resolute Is Hiring a San Fran Rockstar!

Resolute Is Hiring a San Fran Rockstar!

January 21, 2014
Mike Hirshland

Yup, you heard it here. We are looking to hire a Resolute Rockstar (aka, Principal), based in SF, to assist with facilitating our founder community, enabling the sharing of knowledge and best practices amongst founders, and managing our imminent (sorta) Seed to Series A blog.The Role: The Resolute Principal will play a central role in building out our program for effectively distilling and imparting startup knowledge, advice and best practices. You will have two primary and closely related roles:

  • Resolute Portfolio:
  • Interface with Resolute Portfolio founders to monitor progress, assess needs for advice/guidance, and discern areas of expertise that can be shared with others;
  • Interface with (and further develop) the Resolute Network to develop an ongoing corpus of knowledge/best practices;
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and advice between the Network and portfolio founders. In addition to facilitating individual connections between founders and the Network, the Principal will help organize and manage various events designed to bring relevant knowledge and expertise to the Portfolio.
  • Editor, Seed to Series A:
  • Work closely with us to determine topics to be covered;
  • Assist with identification/recruitment of founder-experts on various topics;
  • Manage interviewing of founder-experts and drafting of content;
  • Manage production of blog generally

We are looking for someone who really is kick-ass. Some more standard adjectives would look something like this:

  • Be highly independent self-starters;
  • Be action and results oriented;
  • Possess superior writing and editing skills;
  • Be highly analytical and capable of integrating disparate information into well structured, easily digested content pieces;
  • Possess superior “people” skills and able to foster strong relationships with startup founders;
  • Be intellectually curious in general, and in particular have a strong interest in startups and the startup ecosystem;
  • Be an avid user of social media.

We aren't overly preoccupied with any one particular background -- it's more the person than it is the specific experience. That said, here are some things we are looking for:

  • Have 5 years+ experience in the startup ecosystem;
  • Have meaningful experience writing and editing;
  • Experiences which are considered valuable background for this role include founding or working at an early stage startup; management/strategy consulting; and earning an MBA degree. None of these is necessarily a pre-requisite, however.

If interested, please contact me at!

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