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Welcome, Jessica!

Welcome, Jessica!

December 18, 2023
Mike Hirshland

We are thrilled to welcome Jessica Donahue as our new Head of Operations. Jessica will lead founder success and community, as well as business operations across the firm and portfolio. 

Jessica spent several years in an operations role at Felicis Ventures, after which she worked in strategy and brand at a creative agency and then a marketing role with Lyft. Jessica’s most recent role was as Chief of Staff to the CEO of a venture backed startup. 

We had the good fortune to work with Jessica on a handful of projects, during which we realized she was the dream candidate for our Head of Operations role. And, lucky for us, the feeling was mutual.

“I was a little caught off guard by how down-to-earth and approachable the team was. And I saw how they bring that same authenticity, care and candor to their interactions with founders. I knew they were the real deal.”

As Head of Operations, Jessica is the keeper of our founder and firm multiverse and can be found building out projects and workflows, a plan for the next great event, content for communications, founder community, and much more. Welcome Jessica!

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