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Welcome Nodesource!Welcome Nodesource!

Welcome Nodesource!

March 1, 2015
Raanan Bar-Cohen

Node.js is currently the largest open source project in the world. In essence, Node.js is a platform that uses javascript to power all the back end development needed to integrate multiple technologies into a single service. Nodesource is leading this open source project, running conferences, and offering a safe and secure node.js platform for users. What I like most about this team is their hard charging mentality. CEO Joe McCann and his team have a great combination of sales strategy and technical expertise that mesh together in powerful way. They already have a solid group of clients including Uber, Netflix, PayPal, and FitBit, and have plans on partnering with more Fortune 500 companies in the future. I am excited to see how Nodesource will continue to steer the node.js project forward into the future.

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